15495 Graham Street

Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Phone: 714-891-2651

Fax: 714-892-5146

Aerodynamic Engineering, Inc.



Designed, built and dedicated to only one purpose—precision machining.



Which is considered state of the art and which is replaced when new equipment can produce higher quality parts.



Who take pride in their workplace and the quality parts and components they produce.



In serving the aerospace subcontractor, and in machining high quality parts from aerospace materials.



To service and quality.


These five components add up to over 50 years of steady growth.  Since its founding, the company has never experienced a layoff.  And today, you can still talk to the founders, and get a decision when needed—now.  You get who you need—and when you need them.


Aerodynamic Engineering, Inc., is the wise choice when high quality machining and service is the number one specification.

CEO: Bob Waddell

Plant Manager: Mark Schultz 

Quality: Rene Ramirez

Accounting: Brian Beckner

We welcome the opportunity of solving your high quality machining needs.

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